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Canvas Prints: What Are Your Options?

Canvas prints are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They look nice hanging on a wall or stacked on a shelf. The prints are cost effective, and a great way to add style to any home or office. Not only that, but there are many options as to what size you can have printed and what you want to have on the canvas print. Read on to learn more about the options you have when it comes to canvas prints.

First of all, you can have a print made of the special people in your life. Whether you want to display pictures of your children, a special wedding photo, your baby’s first birthday, or any other special photo you want to have in your home, you can have a canvas print created to show everyone.

Next, you can take pictures of nature to have printed onto canvas. If you are a nature lover, you can take pictures of flowers, trees, clouds, the water, or any other piece of nature that you want to have included in your home or office. You can even choose to create a nature collage with many different flowers or trees or other things you enjoy. You may also choose to take pictures of nature that go well with the decor in your home. You can then have the photos printed onto a canvas.

Another option of what to display on a canvas is your favorite quote. Do you have a saying that is special to you? If so, you can create a picture of the quote and then have it printed onto a canvas in any size. This serves as a great reminder every time you see it.

Do you have a building that you love or is special to you? Take a picture of it and have it printed onto a canvas. Whether it’s an iconic building or structure like the Statue of Liberty or an old barn that your grandpa owns, displaying this in a special area of your home or office adds a sense of style to the space.

You can also create and print a canvas for a gift. Since they are so nice, anyone would appreciate getting a customized canvas made just for them. You can choose the recipient’s favorite picture, favorite place, or take a special photo just for them to have it printed on a canvas that they can display in their home.

As you can see, there are many different options for what you can have printed onto a canvas. Whether you want to display your favorite family photo, or use the canvas prints as decor to match the style of your home, anything is possible. Choose your favorite photo, decide what size canvas works best for you, and choose your favorite company to print it. Once you receive it, you will surely love it and decide that you need to either take more pictures or find more that you can have printed on a canvas.

Using Canvas Prints

Using Canvas Prints To Decorate Your Home

There is something so luring about a blank, white wall. It just calls us to place something on it. It asks us to cover it with color. There are many choices to decorate a blank wall, but one of the most cost effective is to hang canvas prints. These may be either bought or made and are a beautiful way to add color or energy to a room. The early canvas prints were produced by an artist actually painting on the canvas. It is also possible to reproduce photos onto canvas using a specialized process. Today, all it takes to produce high-quality canvas prints is a good printer and the right computer software.

Getting Started

First, you will need to purchase your canvas. You can typically find what you need at an art supply store or an office supply. You should purchase printable canvas designed specifically for an inkjet printer. Canvas comes in two types: gloss or UV resistant.

To get an idea of what pictures will work, do some online research. It is good to look for the type of art you personally enjoy. When you find something, save it as a file ensuring the image has good contrast and clarity. It is a good idea to do a sample print at your chosen size to check the quality.

You can also use your own photo if you have a digital file and the quality is high enough. Always perform a sample print test to check the quality.

Printing The Canvas

You will need an inkjet printer to print canvas. Use the rear manual feeder on your printer to load your canvas. Set the printer for borderless printing so that the printer uses the entire sheet of canvas.

You will also need to add leader strips to each piece of canvas. These are the small strips of paper which help your printer pull in the canvas. Place these strips at the bottom of the paper on the back.

Now that you added the leader strips, the paper will be thicker when sensed by the printer. This means you may have to recenter your image on your document to accommodate this new thickness.

Next, manually feed your canvas into the printer. First, insert the leader end and ensure the paper is facing up. It must also go in perfectly straight. You should also check the printer ink levels and that the printer is on.

Once you have all the settings correct, go ahead and print your canvas. Allow the canvas to completely dry before you touch the image or it may smudge. Once the canvas is dry, you can stretch it on a frame for hanging.

Choosing a canvas print for your wall decorations can add a completely personal touch to your room. Consider creating a collage of personal photos or selecting a few that mean something special to you and your family. Be sure and think about the feeling you are tyring to achieve and then select the right images for your prints.

Buying Canvas Photo Prints

Mistakes Made When Buying Canvas Photo Prints

Mistakes are going to happen and that is fine, but if you are not willing to learn from what others have done in the past, you are not being smart at all. So, let’s take a glance at some of the key mistakes that people tend to make when it comes to canvas photo prints. You always want to remain on top of things and that is going to begin by understanding the mistakes that others might have made in the past to help yourself.

Going With Any Service

The main mistake people make and this happens all the time would have to do with the service you go with. It is not a good mistake to make at all because the wrong service is going to ruin any quality that you could have received. Most people would never be happy with the quality they get and that is because of the service they went with.

If you don’t want to get shut out in terms of the value you are getting, you will have to do your research in terms of the service you are choosing. It is a must at this point in time.

Being Rigid With Needs

When it comes to canvas photo prints, you should not be rigid with your needs. There are some people who have specific things in their mind and get stuck. This does not mean you let the service do whatever they want, but you should be willing to relax a little bit.

This is the only way you are going to be able to get some quality into the prints that are being made. They will be able to help you out in finding the best options on the market in order to move forward. There are too many people who are not patient in this regard and always lose out in the long-term.

Sticking To Traditional Looks

Yes, it is fine to go traditional once in a while, but there are so many unique options in terms of what you can do with the prints. Why not jump in and do something unique once in a while? it is not going to hurt you one bit and that is something you will have to look into as soon as you can.

Traditional looks are something that you will always have, but you don’t have to lean on them. Go wild and try different things to see what you can get out of the designs.

These are the main details that you are going to appreciate in terms of the value you are getting. Indeed, there are some people who are just not as patient as they should be which is not a good thing at all. Look to get on top of things as soon as you can and then make a choice. These mistakes are not smart at all, so you should be willing to remain on top of things as much as you can.

Canvas Photo Prints

Picture-Perfect Canvas Photo Prints

Ever looked at a great photo and wondered how it would look if you had it enlarged? Well, most of the times you are going to shudder because the value won’t be there. Most images that are enlarged tend to look awful and you just want to toss away the enlarged version as soon as you can.

However, with canvas photo prints, you will never have to think about this again. The enlarged version is going to be exceptional in this day and age. This is the only way you should be going when it comes to such prints.


Let’s begin with the quality as that is the first thing you should have on your mind. If you are not getting the quality right, how are you going to get anything else spot on? It is just not going to happen and that is going to annoy you a lot. It is all about paying attention to the options that you have to work with as much as you can.

With the right service, the quality is never going to be a problem and that is essential in the end. You never want to have to fret over this.

Simple Shipping

Want to have it in hand as soon as you can? Well, most options are not going to do justice in terms of the value you can get. Always pay attention to these things when you are hoping to get a good fit. It is just not going to happen for you when things are not working out in your favor.

Most options are not going to be simple in terms of the shipping and that is going to get on your mind. It is not always difficult as long as you are patient and on top of things every step of the way.

Excellent Balance

The look is what you will care about and the balance is going to be exceptional. In fact, most of the other choices you might have in terms of photo prints will die out in your eyes once you get a peek at this. The reality of the situation is that you will never be able to find something such as this. It is not going to happen at all.

The balance is truly remarkable and that is how it should always be when it comes to making sure you are well on your way to quality. It is all about being in tune with the rest of the market and these photo prints will win you over.

Why not get canvas photo prints that are going to be perfect in your house? It is all about putting up something that is going to be the talk of the town and these prints will definitely provide that and then some. Where else are you going to find something of this nature? You just won’t be able to and that is something you have to note down as soon as you get the opportunity.

About Canvas Prints

About Canvas Prints

These days, it seems as if every day brings a new array of products and devices that we can use to make our lives more interesting and comfortable. From smartphones to GPS navigation systems to faucet water filters, the modern world is full of surprises. One particularly unusual surprise is the rise of print on demand technologies that allow anyone with the time, inclination and funds to create a dizzying array of products in less time for far, far less money than a traditional manufacturer’s run of products.

With these devices, comedy musicians can sell coffee mugs, grassroots political groups can sell t-shirts and artists can sell an incredible amount of products featuring the images they’ve created and scanned into a digital format. Once an image is digitized through scanning (assuming it didn’t begin its entire creation process as a digital image), print on demand technology can place that image on pillow cases, posters and even metal plates. But, for sheer style and vintage class, few things beat canvas prints.

Invoking images of Renaissance masters and modern painters alike, these prints are essentially painters’ canvases covered with an image by mechanical means. Any image can be placed on a print of this nature; reproducing paintings by the hundreds is certainly an option, as is printing photographs, digital art, stills from movies and even charcoal drawings on a canvas. These canvases are quite similar to those used by paints.

They are generally a cotton or plastic based poly canvas, stretched out and held up by a wooden, metallic or plastic frame. Initially, these prints were made via offset printing, generally only used for the reproduction of other artworks. In the 1990s, the process got far more advanced, shifting from offset printing to either dye sublimation or inkjet printing processes akin to those used in color home or office printers, allowing for nearly any image to be placed on a typical blank stretched canvas.

The images are generally printed on large canvas rolls and, with print on demand technology, any images can be placed into the printer to put on to a roll of canvas. Then the canvas is stretched out and braced on a frame as if it were an ordinary canvas. The end results of these prints are a visually impressive image on a frame that gives the impression of being a painter’s work of art, even if it’s a photo you took during a long night some years ago. Further, these prints are cheaper than framed artwork and classier than posters.

They also allow a savvy artists to sell the same image as many times as their customers are willing to pay for, be it two or three close friends or an entire legion of admirers. Digitizing drawings and paintings to sell as canvas prints is a sound financial decision for any artist working in two dimensional mediums who wishes to make a few dollars. And, with more and more people getting online each day and print on demand technologies getting ever cheaper, it seems as if products such as canvas prints are the wave of the future.